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The American Rose Society (ARS) is the largest specialized plant society in the U.S. Founded in 1892, this nonprofit educational organization promotes the culture and appreciation of the rose - America's national flower. The ARS provides rose culture assistance to home gardeners, sponsors local rose societies throughout the U.S. and serves as the international registrar for roses. ARS headquarters and the Gardens of the American Rose Center are located in Shreveport, Louisiana, where it maintains the nation's largest park dedicated to roses.

The ARS invites you to join us.

  • Learn the easiest and most successful ways to grow beautiful, healthy roses.

  • Tour the worlds most beautiful rose gardens through the pages of the "American Rose," the monthly magazine for members.

  • Keep up to date with the latest rose culture information and enjoy full color photos of new roses - fragrant heirloom varieties, garden varieties, exhibition roses, and the unusual novelty varieties.

  • Benefit from the tips and techniques of expert rose gardeners on topics such as pruning, low maintenance landscaping, and choosing the best varieties for your climate.

  • Enjoy the fellowship of other rose gardeners in nearly 400 affiliated rose societies nationwide.

You will also receive along with the American Rose Magazine

  • The American Rose Annual - A yearly publication recapping important rose data such as award-winning and top-rated varieties, as well as articles of general interests to rose hobbyists.

  • The Handbook for Selecting Roses - Thousands of reports are tabulated from ARS members all over the country, rating thousands of commercially available roses. The findings are published in the Handbook For Selecting Roses, an invaluable tool for choosing just the right roses for your garden.

  • Access to Consulting Rosarians - Personal assistance with any rose questions you may have is available free the a network of qualified, helpful Consulting Rosarians. A list of Consulting Rosarians near you is available off the ARS website

The ARS invites you to join us in the fascinating World of Roses - growing, garden photography, arranging, exhibiting, hybridizing, handcrafts, or simply enjoying the beauty of the rose. Go to to join.

Want to learn more about growing roses, our national flower? Join The American Rose Society!

You'll also get the "Handbook for Selecting Roses" with ratings for thousands of roses, and the "American Rose Annual." ARS members just received their copies of the "American Rose Annual" - a beautiful and informative 160-page rose publication in full color. If you were an ARS member, you would have received one too. Don't get left out next year. Join today to begin receiving the 11 monthly issues of the "American Rose" magazine and the next "Annual."

Log on to The American Rose Society at and open the page "How to join". Complete the application and in the space marked "Share your opinions", type "Referred by Karl Bapst (Rosenut)". 

Send me your address when you join and I'll send you an "I Love Roses" bumper sticker absolutely free. My address is:

12150 W. Stalbaum Lane
Wheatfield, IN 46392

May I suggest you also join an affiliate rose society near you!  The local society can supply hands on training and information while you share your love of the rose with fellow rosarians.

For the location of a local rose society, log on to The American Rose Society at , or e-mail me and I look it up for you. 

If you wish to join on line  and don't want to send your credit card  over the internet or want to pay by check, fill out all the information, except your credit card number.  Write "Call Me."in the space marked "Share your opinions".

If you wish to join via U.S. mail print the application off the web page and submit it  along with your check to:

The American Rose Society
P. O. Box 30,000
Shreveport, LA 71130-0030

You can also join over the telephone. The number for new memberships is . 1-800-637-6534
A Personal Note:

To those of you who love roses, and love to grow them, ARS is the place for you. A good 90% of the articles in the "American Rose" magazines and the ARS "Annual" have to do with rose culture, diseases, tips for beginners, and other topics of interest to the average rose grower.

A Word about Exhibitors: Exhibitors probably make up the other 10%. Even if we are not inclined to exhibit, we can appreciate those who do because they grow some of the best roses and are so willing to share their knowledge with other rosarians everywhere. They are a wealth of information regarding good rose growing. Exhibiting is their second passion; their first passion is growing good roses and sharing that information with Mr. or Ms. Rose Grower.

Bottom Line: The American Rose Society is a big, big organization with a small feeling. There is a place for everyone in ARS. We all have one goal, to grow the most beautiful flower- The Rose.

- Karl Bapst (Rosenut)